Sand is my canvas; fine glass powder is my paint. It’s these sand ripples and the light reflecting on the shallow waters at low tide that have been influencing my most recent work. My journey begins with a walk along a stretch of my favourite coast; timing is essential. I have to be at the beach for the low tide so that as the waters recede I can photograph the sand that has been sculpted by the waves. For a few precious hours another world is revealed as the sand is sculpted with transient patterns by the action of the tides.

Small amounts of sand is collected from each beach I visit and is used as my ‘platform’ for my fused glass sculptures. Back at my studio, washes of coloured glass powder are laid down over the now dry, sculpted sand. The heat of the kiln melts the powders, making them shrink and contract over the sand. The surface shines like the water glistening over the wet shoreline, while the underside develops a matt surface, picking up the texture of the sand.

I choose to leave small deposits of sand left from the kiln firing, making a stronger connection to each location.

  • Technique Powdered glass fused over sand.
  • Size Rock Pool bowls 8cm x 5cm (approx) Framed rock pools 25x25x4.5cm