Two high, two low… the rhythmic change of the tides every 24.8 hours… the space between shoreline and sea shortens and lengthens and with this, etches sand ripples along the receding tide. Photographing these natural patterns at low tide, I have collected a library of sand ripples from along the North Cornish coast. I am drawn to this place, where the sea meets the land. Its ephemeral nature beguiles me and I can return to certain locations time and again, it’s never the same scene.

Low Tide

Ebb tide washes the sand,
Smooth and sleek.
Traces of surf – faint lines on the shore,
Memories of time.

Feet press on firm sand,
Displacing water,
Temporary impressions,
Memories gone and forgotten.

Sunlight on wet sands
Reflecting the giant rocks.
Faint images shimmering,
Ephemeral memories.

Granite rocks tower over a
Lone whelk, bright yellow, amid
Bands of limpets and barnacles,
Anchored memories.

Sands now dry,
Deep rock pools exposed.
Fauna, creep across sea floors,
Memories retraced.

Green, grey cliffs,
Gulls hover over.
Rocks sit below like crumbs upon a cloth,
Memories swept away.

  • Techniques Various fusing techniques
  • Size Shallow Waters & Low Tide approx. 38x4cm. High Tide approx. 20x18cm. Ebb Tide approx. 16x10cm